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Custom Software Development:

Nowadays, all & every companies are moving towards custom software solutions rather choosing general solutions. A custom software development solution helps in finding exact solutions for specific requirements. Such software can be installed easily on any platform along with the central working model and leads to organized management process, better revenue realization and profitability.

Through our process of software designs we not only develop a solution for your current business processes but also keep room for the once that might get incorporated in the future. Our experience in various fields enables us to deliver the most advantageous software solutions at best affordable rates. We are committed to deliver offshore solution to our customer on time and within budget.

BugFree Softwares’ offers custom software development taking care of all the specifications and requirements.

Software development process:

BugFree Softwares’ has developed a state-of-the-art working model that enables the company to find the best possible solution for every requirement from the client side. We have various departments that coordinate with each other ensuring the successful completion of each and every phase of the software development process.

Essential phases of our software development process:

1. Gathering required information for finding the best possible business solutions
2. Analysis of the requirements & future expansion plans
3. Designing a proper plan for the solution
4. Testing by executing the designed solution
5. Implementation
6. Execution of the software at desired platform
7. Maintenance and fixing errors

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